Respect The Hustle

Business Warrior: Bold. Successful. Has what it takes. Do you have it in you?

A True Hybrid for The Sport of Business


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Don't Wear Your Sweat Equity

Work hard. Stay cool. Infused with X-Dry Tech for stretch and comfort, the Combat1 is the only dress shirt that lets you kill it at work while looking sharp and staying dry. Respect the hustle.

David Packouz - Founder


David Packouz: Inspire by Example - Music Tech

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David Miller - Co-founder


David Miller: Inspire by Example - Finance

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Brian Breslin - Founder


Brian Breslin: Inspire By Example - Tech

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Josef Bittman - VP


Josef Bittman: Inspire By Example - Finance

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Dorian Levy - Founder


Dorian Levy: Inspire by example - food & beverage

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Marc Feder

@Jay Feder Jewelers

Marc Feder: Inspire By Example - Jeweler To The Stars

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Every detail of the HWhite combat shirt has been
architected and deliberately designed

Luxury Pima Oxford Cotton

Modern Athletic Material woven in for comfort and utility

Athletic Mesh

Piped into the back, hidden under the coller and underarm vent

Machine Washable

Sweat wicking

Wrinkle Resistant

History Of The Iconic White Shirt

The White Dress shirt has been with us for centuries. Many of the most important moments in life and business take place while wearing a White Dress Shirt.


We have reinvented the armor of business to match the modern Business person.


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